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The International Business Association (IBA) is an independent organization in Indonesia dedicated to catalyzing economic development and fostering a competitive, skilled national workforce capable of excelling in various global sectors. IBA serves as a platform for building robust business relationships between experienced corporations and SMEs. We enable businesspeople and companies throughout Asia—including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore—to showcase their unique products, develop connections in the Indonesian market, and forge strong global partnerships. This strategic international network provides Indonesian businesspeople and enterprises with crucial global experience and market exposure, helping to build a stronger, more dynamic economy for future generations.

Facilitating Smart Investments

For international investors, IBA provides comprehensive support to analyze and identify the best market opportunities and investment projects tailored to their needs. Throughout the year, IBA has partnered with key governmental bodies such as the Capital Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) and the Sharia Economic Society (MES). Our strong relationships with these entities ensure that investments are secure, strategic, and beneficial for both investors and Indonesia. By collaborating with trusted accounting firms, lawyers, and notaries, we offer a holistic approach that guarantees a healthy and safe investment experience. This ensures that global investors can confidently invest in Indonesia, knowing they are in the right place with the right opportunities.

Enhancing Indonesian Entrepreneurs

IBA is committed to helping Indonesian entrepreneurs gain global market exposure and improve product quality to compete internationally. By connecting with experienced professionals from influential nations, Indonesian businesspeople gain invaluable insights and learn best practices from their peers across Asia and beyond. This collaboration is key to improving the quality and competitiveness of Indonesian products on the global stage.

Building a Stronger Indonesia

IBA places a strong emphasis on developing Indonesia’s health, education, and cultural sectors. Through our extensive network of business partnerships, we aim to equip Indonesian youth, businesspeople, and investors with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in key industries. By fostering intentional collaboration around global business
opportunities, we believe we can significantly enhance the Indonesian economy and workforce.

Independent and Autonomous

As an independent and autonomous organization, IBA is dedicated to bridging national and international entrepreneurs and investors. We create opportunities for meaningful collaboration, helping to cultivate a skilled national workforce and drive socio-economic growth in Indonesian society. Our partnership and collaboration programs are designed to bring together entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and investors at expos, seminars, gatherings, and international-scale events, promoting an entrepreneurial spirit and successful networking across borders.

Learning and Networking

Through IBA, Indonesian entrepreneurs and businesspeople have the opportunity to learn from successful countries in Asia that have demonstrated excellence across various industries. This learning and networking lead to mutual insight, experience, and support, fostering harmonious business relationships that form a strong foundation for socio-economic growth and the development of a skilled global workforce.

By empowering education, health, culture, and humanitarian sectors, IBA is committed to strengthening Indonesia’s dynamic economy, ensuring consistent national development, and preparing a skilled, insightful workforce for global sectors.

International Business Association

Our Vision

To advance Indonesia’s dynamic economic growth and sustainable national development while preparing a skilled and insightful workforce. We aim to empower the education, health, culture, and humanitarian sectors, creating benefits for both the nation and international investors.

Economic Growth

Drive robust national economic growth, enhancing Indonesia’s appeal as a prime destination for international investments.

Entrepreneurial Competitiveness

Cultivate Indonesian entrepreneurs to thrive on the global stage, providing attractive opportunities for international investors.

Healthcare Advancement

Improve the knowledge and capabilities of the health sector workforce, aim to provide better health services for the nation.

Educational and Cultural Enrichment

Broaden access to quality education and preserve Indonesia’s rich cultural heritage.

Humanitarian Engagement

Participate in social services and humanitarian activities to support communities, fostering a stable and prosperous society.

Through these initiatives, we aim to create a thriving economic landscape that attracts and benefits international investors while elevating the Indonesian community and economy.

International Business Association

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International Business Association

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International Business Association

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