Position Statement

IBA Position Statement

IBA is an international business association located in the Indonesian city of Batam.   Indonesia is currently the most populous country in Southeast Asia, and the third most densely populated country within Asia, behind only China and India.

IBA is focused on bridging the opportunities from over 10,000 business industries and sectors within the region of Asia, with Indonesia, in order to foster strategic business collaboration, help to develop a skilled and competitive Indonesian workforce, as well as achieve mutual socio-economic development on a global scale   IBA is a non-government, non-profit association that serves as a connecting bridge, protector, and intermediary for entrepreneurs and businesspeople alike.  IBA was created in order to give prospective benefits to each and every member, making a positive contribution between countries mutually connected through our association.

As an association that bridges businesspeople and entrepreneurs alike, namely within the Asia region, IBA is committed to supporting the interests of our members, including their needs in relation to legality, rules and regulations, legislation related to business collaboration between countries, as well as other means of support that are able to strengthen business networking between members.

In light of the great business networking potential realized through IBA, we work hard to maintain professionalism, independence, and transparency in all of our operations, not focused on making a profit or serving as an extension of the government or any other agency.  IBA is an association that is modern, independent, and professional.