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We are an international business association located in the Indonesian city of Batam. Indonesia is currently the most populous country in Southeast Asia, and the third most densely populated country within Asia, behind only China and India.

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  • IBA provides expert legal guidance for navigating laws regarding business collaboration between Indonesia and other countries, along with additional guidance on the regulations involved in opening a business branch in Indonesia.
  • IBA regularly organizes international events and exhibitions in order to introduce your business to Indonesia.
  • IBA provides legal guidance for franchise-based businesses or franchisees, ensuring that these businesses can operate well within Indonesia.
  • Our branding and marketing department allows us to assist you in better promoting your business and products, helping to ease penetration into the Indonesian marketplace through the utilization of our contextual knowledge, as well as the local language, all in order for your business to be better received within Indonesia.

We focused on bridging the opportunities from over 10,000 business industries and sectors within the region of Asia, with Indonesia, to foster strategic business collaboration,

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