About Us

About Us

The International Business Association (IBA) is an independent organization in Indonesia established in order to catalyze Indonesian economic development and realize the creation of a competitive and skilled national workforce able to expertly serve various global sectors.   IBA serves as a  platform for the creation and building of business relationships between experienced and professional corporations and SMEs.  We enable businesspeople and companies throughout Asia, including, but not limited to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore, to share their unique products, develop Indonesian market connections, and forge strong global partnerships. We believe that this strategic international network will enable crucial global experience and market exposure for Indonesian businesspeople and enterprises alike, helping to realize a stronger and more dynamic Indonesian economy for generations to come.

As an international business association, IBA has established the platform and trusted connections necessary for the association to become the ideal meeting place for businesspeople operating across various industry sectors both nationally and internationally.  The significant diversity and global industry connections present amongst IBA’s many members, position the association as a comprehensive and strategic bridge able to connect entrepreneurs to dynamic market opportunities internationally.

IBA puts a strong emphasis on both the involvement in, as well as the development of, the national health, education, and culture sectors of Indonesia.  Having created a vast network of business partnerships through our association platform, our hope is for Indonesian young people, businesspeople, and investors alike to learn, interact, and gain broad insight into key industries and strategic business relationships by connecting with experienced professionals from a number of powerful and influential nations, both within our Asia region, and beyond.

We are optimistic to see the Indonesian economy and skilled workforce experience significant improvement through the intentional collaboration and synergy around global business opportunities.  We are confident that our commitment to bridging foreign investment with national opportunities, equipping Indonesian businesspeople with global insight and experience, as well as giving back to the community through value-adding social initiatives, has the power to dramatically change the socio-economic landscape of the nation for the better.

IBA is a completely independent and autonomous organization, focused on successfully bridging both national and international entrepreneurs and investors , creating opportunities for intentional collaboration, raising up a skilled national workforce to expertly serve key industry sectors, as well as realizing the overall socio-economic growth of Indonesian society.  This is all accomplished through our IBA partnership and collaboration programs that we regularly launch.

Our sincere passion and hope is to see entrepreneurs, businesspeople, and investors alike, gather together at expos, seminars, gatherings, and other international-scale events in order to spread both optimism, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit, that drives further successful networking and value-adding collaboration between nations, businesses, and individuals.

Through IBA, every entrepreneur and businessperson, especially within Indonesia, gains the opportunity to learn from other countries in Asia, which have experienced success and displayed proven excellence across multiple industry sectors.  We believe that if this learning and networking is maximized, the mutual insight, experience, and support that is received can, and will, create harmonious business relationships that serve as a strong foundation for mutual socio-economic growth, as well as the development of a skilled global workforce with the capacity to add value to important global sectors.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Help to strengthen the dynamic Indonesian economy and realize consistent national development, as well as prepare a skilled and insightful workforce through empowerment within the education, health, culture, and humanitarian sectors.

Our Mission

  1. Increase national economic development
  2. Raise up Indonesian entrepreneurs that are able to compete with their international level counterparts.
  3. Increase in knowledge of, and improve the workforce within, the health sector.
  4. Broaden the reach of education and preserve national culture.
  5. Engage in humanitarian activities that provide social services for communities in need.

Why Should You Become an IBA Member ?

  • IBA is the right association partner to effectively bridge the development of your business network both to and from Indonesia.
  • IBA offers various support facilities and conveniences in building a business network, especially within the Asia region. Our extensive range of facilities and services are intended to make our members feel at ease focusing on the further development of their businesses, with IBA as their trusted assistant, serving them well every step along the way.
  • IBA is an association that is both non-profit and non-government/agency. Our identity as an autonomous, independent association allows us to focus on our long term vision to build a strong business network where members mutually support one another.
  • IBA serves as a partner association, a comprehensive umbrella and holistic support for every aspect of your business that you wish to develop. You can focus on your success and portfolio, while we focus on assisting you in any way that we can.
  • IBA is committed to the socio-economic growth of Indonesia through the realization of increased foreign investment, strategic business and industry collaboration, as well as the training and equipping of a skilled and globally competitive Indonesian workforce.
  • IBA routinely gives back to the surrounding community through a variety of  programs and events intended to add significant value to both the national economy, as well as to society in general.